Shrimp-my fave

I like eating big meals, that’s the reason I enjoyed the sumptuous ones served at Patrick’s on the Beach. My seafood experience was a memorable one, especially my favorite shrimp sautéed in garlic and wine sauce which was unquestionably enticing. On top of my list also were the mouth-watering fresh fish grilled in banana leaves, seasoned with tomatoes; crab in garlic and herbs; and the fresh raw fish (Kinilaw) seasoned with Siargao spices.

As we are preparing ourselves for the Island Tour by van, I couldn’t help but notice a lovely lady with a foreigner guy. She smiled at me and greeted me with a sweet smile. Oh, I never expected to see my elementary classmate there. We haven’t seen each other for a long time and excitedly talk about a few of our past days. I learned from her that she found his fiancé at the I didn’t care to ask until I reached home to find out that it is a social network for adults.

Anyway, our tour to the island from natural pool, reinvigorating waterfalls up to the unspoiled jungle was exhilarating. We really had an awesome time.

World-class Cherinicole Resort

There are a lot of beach resorts and hotels in Siargao Island that are perfect places to stay on a summer or weekend getaway.

After having enjoyed the exciting view of Cloud 9, a rented van transported us for less than ten minutes to a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, Cherinicole Beach Resort. Situated on the Pacific Ocean side of General Luna, the adventures they offer come in the form of kayaking, snorkeling, surfing or just simply sightseeing the tropical beauties of nature either in land or in water.

Upon arriving at the place, I was surprisingly touched by the warm welcome of a couple of resort staffs. They courteously accommodated and ushered us to our air-conditioned cottage. During dinner time, we savored the Filipino and International cuisine served at their Palm Tree Café.

The sight of the bean-shaped swimming pool was very inviting in the evening, and we couldn’t help ourselves but went swimming. Certainly, the water was refreshing even at the stillness of the night. It was the best place for a family-get-together since the children could play around the pool side. I’ve had a pleasant feeling the next morning and wanted me to have an extended stay.

The surf break Cloud 9

The most famous surf break in the Philippines is found in Siargao Island which is the renowned Cloud 9. Comparable to dozens of surf breaks around the world, it has the greatest swell you can ever witness. The surfing season normally runs from August until March. However, there are times of the year when you can get to see forceful breaking waves that take your breath away.

Since the swell-generated waves are so strong and powerful, they can smash a surfboard into pieces. That is probably the reason why surfers rush to the break and freely play with the waves. Surfers of all ages and from all walks of life, beginners to experienced ones gather at this wonderful place and fully appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Coming from a reliable source, I have understood that it is widely known as Cloud 9 because villagers in the past could observe nine series of waves flowed back-and-forth. The waves ranging from the normal sea waves as the first, increasing its size each number until it reached its maximum which is the largest, the cloud 9.

There were no signs of surfers in the area but I could visualize how the surfers enjoy if they would have been there. I am not a surfer myself but was undoubtedly on cloud nine when I got to visit Cloud 9.

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The 'Big' Dako Island

Dako, in our own dialect as Surigaonons would mean ‘big’. Trying to figure out if it was really the biggest islet among the several others in Siargao, we visited the so-called Dako Island. Same as the other islands in Siargao, Dako had fine white sand and crystal clear water.

As I was attempting to examine the beauty of the place, I saw a family playing wind surfing. With all the gadgets they had, I could say that they were very rich enough to spend time there. They didn’t appear wealthy only but looked foreigners as well.

So we took a few more steps from where I’ve seen that view. When I got closer, I’ve realized that I must have seen the older guy before who looked like a father. His face was so familiar to me. I couldn’t get into my senses where and when but I know at that time that he was famous. Later did I know that he was ABS-CBN’s Chairman and President Gabby Lopez. I said to myself that that place must be world-class because even one of the richest people in the Philippines have known such a secluded place in the archipelago. It was not surprising though since Dako island is one of the Philippines finest and the biggest among the islets.

Walking along the Guyam Islet

The group were planning to drop by Guyam Island. We reached the islet by pump boat and not to mention the strong waves that let me remember my seasickness. What welcomed us there was the warm natural air which I haven't experienced for a long time already. And so as to fully feel the comfort of nature, I stepped down the vessel barefoot. The sand was truly soothing to the soles and it seemed like I was having my foot spa.

Walking along the islet, a bunch of coconut trees could be seen around the place. Some friendly people at the place offered us a drink of young coconut juice. A drink of a fresh buko juice straight from the tree absolutely quenched away the thirst we felt in our throats.

We decided to stay in a small nipa cottage for some time. And to protect myself from the harmful rays of the sun, I immediately applied sunblock lotion again into my suntanned skin and saw to it that I've applied much into my face. I almost forgot to bring my sunglasses but at that time I didn't. Whew! I really had fun.

Siargao Island - Surfing Capital of the Philippines

They say that Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte is the surfing capital of the Philippines. I didn't know that until I met my husband Clenn R. Sunico. He is from the island.

I have visited a lot of beaches in the Philippines but I never expected Siargao to be as beautiful like them. I was born in Nonoc Island, one of the islands in Surigao, and yet haven't gotten a chance to go to Siargao.

A close relative of my husband invited us one day to go there and spent three days in the island. When we reached the place, I requested persistently to view the beach immediately. To my surprise, the beach was so beautiful more than I could ever imagined. The sand was very fine like sugar coated in gold, the water was crystal clear and not to mention the scene which was exteremely comely. The whole setting was indeed captivating that wanted me to stay forever.