World-class Cherinicole Resort

There are a lot of beach resorts and hotels in Siargao Island that are perfect places to stay on a summer or weekend getaway.

After having enjoyed the exciting view of Cloud 9, a rented van transported us for less than ten minutes to a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, Cherinicole Beach Resort. Situated on the Pacific Ocean side of General Luna, the adventures they offer come in the form of kayaking, snorkeling, surfing or just simply sightseeing the tropical beauties of nature either in land or in water.

Upon arriving at the place, I was surprisingly touched by the warm welcome of a couple of resort staffs. They courteously accommodated and ushered us to our air-conditioned cottage. During dinner time, we savored the Filipino and International cuisine served at their Palm Tree Café.

The sight of the bean-shaped swimming pool was very inviting in the evening, and we couldn’t help ourselves but went swimming. Certainly, the water was refreshing even at the stillness of the night. It was the best place for a family-get-together since the children could play around the pool side. I’ve had a pleasant feeling the next morning and wanted me to have an extended stay.
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  2. Rags Says:

    Wow...glad u had awesom time thr...2 b honest i'm gettng so temptd 2 go 2 Cherinicole Beach Resort. Looks gr8.


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