The surf break Cloud 9

The most famous surf break in the Philippines is found in Siargao Island which is the renowned Cloud 9. Comparable to dozens of surf breaks around the world, it has the greatest swell you can ever witness. The surfing season normally runs from August until March. However, there are times of the year when you can get to see forceful breaking waves that take your breath away.

Since the swell-generated waves are so strong and powerful, they can smash a surfboard into pieces. That is probably the reason why surfers rush to the break and freely play with the waves. Surfers of all ages and from all walks of life, beginners to experienced ones gather at this wonderful place and fully appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Coming from a reliable source, I have understood that it is widely known as Cloud 9 because villagers in the past could observe nine series of waves flowed back-and-forth. The waves ranging from the normal sea waves as the first, increasing its size each number until it reached its maximum which is the largest, the cloud 9.

There were no signs of surfers in the area but I could visualize how the surfers enjoy if they would have been there. I am not a surfer myself but was undoubtedly on cloud nine when I got to visit Cloud 9.
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  1. IndianPie Says:

    great post. feels like visiting cloud 9, now itself. nice blog too !

  2. Esha Flora Says:

    beautiful beach, nice picture

  3. Gusn Says:

    Great blog info, keep to post update

  4. idealist Says:

    Breath taking, beautiful, This blog is simply the most wonderful self gratifying viewing pleasure that any one persons eyes could capture. You are a lovely person for sharing these thing that some of us are not fortunate enough to experience for our selves. With the detail, I feel as if I were there. Thank you.

  5. andra Says:

    I always want to do the surfing, but I'm in the middle of the town and lack of free time T_T But in the future I will.