Travel Siargao Island - Policies

Travel Siargao Island - Policies - Under Construction

Weather Conditions
The tours take place whether rain or shine. In case of rainy season, we highly suggest checking the weather forecast for the possibility of typhoon to occur.

Booking Information
Purchase the tickets ahead of time, since tours are often limited. You must book beforehand to get the day and time of your choice.

We require a minimum number of 2 people for each tour guide and 10 the maximum.

Payment in full must be made of the chosen tours at the time of booking.

We will refund the total amount paid in the event we cancel a tour date and in no chance you will be rescheduled.

Cancellation, Rescheduling
Notice of cancellation must be made in writing.
Should you cancel 60 days prior the tour date, you will get full refund;
cancellation 30 days before, 50% refund; and if 20 days only, no refund.

Please call to ensure that the tour has not been canceled due to unexpected events or stormy weather and check out for the rescheduled tour.

Confirmation & Travel Voucher
Confirmation is sent within 24 hours. It includes the meeting place and time. Print the confirmation message and present it at the departure place.

No Hidden Fees
We don't demand payment for service charges, or additional credit card fees.

Travel Siargao Island does not involve gratuities. We ask 10% of the tour price as a standard gratuity.

Pansukian Island - The Sandbar

With the use of a rented pump boat as our mode of sea travel, island hopping was made possible. Close to Guyam and Daku Islands is the famous Pansukian. So after a couple of hours on the Daku Island, we proceeded to the said island.

It was named as such because it is a sandbar with corals that spread out over the area. The partly exposed sand changes with seasons and tide. It means that there are times when you can’t see the island from afar if it’s high tide.

Certainly, it was pure sand. I hardly could see any stone. The entire place was purely created with unspoiled white sand. It seemed like I was in heaven because everything was white. The presence of the bright hot sun intensified the scenery. I couldn’t explain the excitement I felt in my heart. It was absolutely glorious that I couldn’t help myself but to seek for my camera and took pictures.

On the right is my husband, Clenn R. Sunico. photographed by me