Siargao Island - Surfing Capital of the Philippines

They say that Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte is the surfing capital of the Philippines. I didn't know that until I met my husband Clenn R. Sunico. He is from the island.

I have visited a lot of beaches in the Philippines but I never expected Siargao to be as beautiful like them. I was born in Nonoc Island, one of the islands in Surigao, and yet haven't gotten a chance to go to Siargao.

A close relative of my husband invited us one day to go there and spent three days in the island. When we reached the place, I requested persistently to view the beach immediately. To my surprise, the beach was so beautiful more than I could ever imagined. The sand was very fine like sugar coated in gold, the water was crystal clear and not to mention the scene which was exteremely comely. The whole setting was indeed captivating that wanted me to stay forever.


6 Responses
  1. obamacenter Says:

    Beautiful beach.....

    Nice article and bring me to heaven...

    Nice ads..


  2. manoballs Says:

    The beach paradise is my hometown. :)

  3. Jojo Says:

    Yeah a beach paradise.. I have been to Boracay and I think this one is next paradise to visit.. very relaxing to stay as what your article say .. nice ads ..

  4. Footyman Says:

    From where I come from in Singapore, I never realise there are such nice beaches in the Philippines! Thanks for the info!

  5. xyjoe Says:

    some kinda like yah to stay there somehow, need to hav go for vacation right now real quick! magbakasyon muna ako kay gipadalhan na ako sufina sa gigol...wala na ako pang starbucks nito... sabihin mo na lng sa iba bisita na lng sila yaw lng pislit sa mga propaganda hehe...

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