Walking along the Guyam Islet

The group were planning to drop by Guyam Island. We reached the islet by pump boat and not to mention the strong waves that let me remember my seasickness. What welcomed us there was the warm natural air which I haven't experienced for a long time already. And so as to fully feel the comfort of nature, I stepped down the vessel barefoot. The sand was truly soothing to the soles and it seemed like I was having my foot spa.

Walking along the islet, a bunch of coconut trees could be seen around the place. Some friendly people at the place offered us a drink of young coconut juice. A drink of a fresh buko juice straight from the tree absolutely quenched away the thirst we felt in our throats.

We decided to stay in a small nipa cottage for some time. And to protect myself from the harmful rays of the sun, I immediately applied sunblock lotion again into my suntanned skin and saw to it that I've applied much into my face. I almost forgot to bring my sunglasses but at that time I didn't. Whew! I really had fun.
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    Sweet! Awesome! Cool post! Love the beach....

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    Sweet and cool picture...

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    it is a "bit" of the paradise ...

  4. picture are Awesome ..,on seeing the picture is was intersted to go such places..,nice design