Shrimp-my fave

I like eating big meals, that’s the reason I enjoyed the sumptuous ones served at Patrick’s on the Beach. My seafood experience was a memorable one, especially my favorite shrimp sautéed in garlic and wine sauce which was unquestionably enticing. On top of my list also were the mouth-watering fresh fish grilled in banana leaves, seasoned with tomatoes; crab in garlic and herbs; and the fresh raw fish (Kinilaw) seasoned with Siargao spices.

As we are preparing ourselves for the Island Tour by van, I couldn’t help but notice a lovely lady with a foreigner guy. She smiled at me and greeted me with a sweet smile. Oh, I never expected to see my elementary classmate there. We haven’t seen each other for a long time and excitedly talk about a few of our past days. I learned from her that she found his fiancé at the I didn’t care to ask until I reached home to find out that it is a social network for adults.

Anyway, our tour to the island from natural pool, reinvigorating waterfalls up to the unspoiled jungle was exhilarating. We really had an awesome time.
6 Responses
  1. millers Says:

    sumptuous. seafood has been my weakness next to the smell of books. freaky, but true.

  2. taufikdepok Says:

    Hi Clenn, just daily visit... hey where is yr chat friend ?

  3. hmmmpppp sounds great, good for you, you can eat seafoods to your delight. I love them too but I have allergy for them although sometimes I eat them too. Wow how I wish I could have a seafood trip.

  4. Mathilda Says:

    Hum yummy...
    your picture really make me mouth watering, life more beautiful without allergic.

  5. Abang Hajib Says:

    sluurrrppp... luckily i dont have allergic to seafood..

  6. taufikdepok Says:

    I choose the 2nd ladies here